Participation in our affiliate program gives you the opportunity to receive rewards that can be used exclusively within our site. You will be able to use the funds received to purchase additional services, improve the functionality of your account, or access exclusive materials offered within our platform.

Affiliate link tracking
The functionality of the add-on takes into account all clicks on placed affiliate links.
The partner and the site administration can see all the transitions in the administrative part and the partner’s personal account.
Each transition fixes the link on which the transition was made, the page from which the transition was made, as well as the date of the transition and the partner — the owner of the link.

Ability to work with unregistered referrals
The affiliate program can record the activity of attracted referrals even without their direct registration on the site. When a guest makes a transition to the site via an affiliate link, the system records his transition, and marks him himself and tries to track his activity, for example, also fixing the payment for his orders in the site’s store, if registration is not provided for. Each paid order of such a user will be processed by the affiliate network, and the partner who invited such a user will receive the established rewards.

Partner’s personal account
Each partner receives full access to the data of his partner network in his personal account. At the moment, the following tabs are being formed:

Network map

Paying for paid access
— Percentage of payment = 20%

Генерация пароля